Callista is a half-witch half-vampire working on the side of good.


She was born October 31, 1985 and was born a witch. She is a witch from her mother's side and then her father was a vampire so she is also a vampire from her father's side. Her mother died when she was thirteen because she was sick and then her father left Callista when she was sixteen. She was afraid of dying by demons after being attacked by a harpie but she was lucky because she beat the harpie. She is doing quite well and is a protector for good.


She is perky, enthusiastic, and faithful.


  • Mother: Jillian Madgeline
  • Father: Jeffrey Thropp


Callista's powers mostly come from her vampire side. She is able to shapeshift into a bat, she can cling to objects or individuals, she is very strong, her senses are stronger than regular humans, she is immortal, and she is highly agile. Her wiccan abilities are cloaking and calling. She can call her most desired object which is her ring and it has power in it. Her mother created the ring for her father so he could have some powers when he was weak.