Landon is the oldest of the Michaelis triplets and he was the first to achieve his powers. His powers are based around the manipulation of molecules.


Landon grew up with his parents who were both very powerful Wiccan witches. But one day a warlock attacked them and took away their powers. They could still cast spells and make potions but they couldn't use their personal abilities. Then they had Logan, Landon, and Lukas, their triplet sons. They were each born as witches and now that they are sixteen their powers are beginning to manifest. Landon's was the first to manifest. He was at home and his mother accidentally spilled a bowl of strawberries that he had just picked. He went to catch them but he activated his power and slowed down the falling strawberries.


Landon is the eldest of the Michaelis triplets and he is the most mature of the three. Unlike wild and flirtatious Logan or the prankster Lukas, Landon is very serious and quiet. He isn't shy but some people think he is. He prefers to research before he acts and will put a great amount of thinking into his plan before actually vanquishing a demon.


  • Mother: Kristi Michaelis
  • Father: Jarrod Michaelis
  • Siblings: Logan and Lukas Michaelis


Landon's abilities are based around the manipulation of molecules. His first ability, Molecular Deceleration, allows him to slow down the movement of molecules, thus making his target move in slow motion. This ability will eventually evolve into full Molecular Immobilization allowing him to stop the movement of molecules, freezing his target. He will also get the ability of Molecular Combustion, allowing him to blow his targets up by speeding up the movements of molecules, causing them to combust.

He also has the basic Wiccan powers of Spell Casting, Potion Making, Scrying, and Agility.

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